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About MHEA


The Materials Handling Engineers’ Association (MHEA) was formed in 1938 by inaugural chairman Frank Lonsdale, director of Fraser Chalmers Engineering – which later became the General Electric Company.

Founded in 1938

Since its foundation, the MHEA has supported the technical and commercial interests of UK and overseas companies supplying and using bulk handling equipment.

Our Members

Today the MHEA offers a number of vital benefits to its members, including industry-level promotion, networking opportunities, representation at events and conferences, knowledge sharing and best practice, education and professional development, and access to vast technical expertise.

New Business Opportunities

The modern MHEA exists to help generate new business opportunities for its membership, as well as to enhance and promote the public image and raise the profile of the industry within government and other key bodies.

Currently, the MHEA represents members’ interests in industry sectors including animal food, coal, cement, chemicals, ferrous and nonferrous metal production, food and drink including confectionery, grain and derivatives, minerals and coal, mining, offshore oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubbers, ports, quarrying, solid biofuels, water and waste treatment.

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