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Affiliate Partners of the Association enjoy preferred supplier status and authorised use of the MHEA Affiliate Partner logo. They join a professionally diverse network that also provides access to a wealth of business-enhancing resources; industry-level promotion; networking opportunities; representation at events and conferences; knowledge sharing and best practice; education and professional development.


Affiliate Partners – your nominations welcome

The MHEA’s Affiliate Partners is for organisations and within the industry to compliment the membership and therefore creates a stronger MHEA overall.

MHEA Affiliate Partners:


ABMEC is the only trade association representing UK mining equipment manufacturers and service providers. Members provide world class equipment for the global mining market. They excel in extracting and processing minerals with cost effective solutions for demanding and challenging conditions, while adhering to the highest safety standards.


ABTO was founded to rectify the under-representation of the bulk terminal sector, both at the national and international regulatory levels. ABTO is the voice for the bulk terminal industry representing its interests at the highest level and providing a forum for discussion on the issues affecting operators and suppliers.

CISF, formed in 1996 under a British Cement Association initiative, aims to cultivate closer contacts between cement manufacturers and companies supplying materials, equipment and services, and to provide a focus for information about the cement industry. Supported by the Mineral Products Association, it is administered by The Concrete Society.

Edwin A.R. Trout
Secretary, Cement Industry Suppliers’ Forum
The Concrete Society

SHAPA has been the UK’s leading specialist association for the Solids Handling and Processing Industry since its formation in 1981. The association provides a sound commercial and technical platform for members, helping them to succeed in today’s challenging economic environment.  Our members are established specialists within their fields and have the experience and commercial standing to provide quality, professional and cost-effective solutions.


The British Aggregates Association was formed in 1999 and is firmly established as the supporting voice of the UK’s independent SME quarry operators. The BAA is run on a daily basis by people experienced in all aspects of the minerals industry. The association provides essential support and advice in all health and safety, planning, transport, environmental, technical and regulatory issues; whilst ensuring that the needs of the independent sector is heard at all levels of the UK administrations.

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers provides life-long learning opportunities for our 115, 000 members, many of whom will achieve professionally registered status.

We provide the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and innovate. We support our members to develop their skills throughout their careers.

Through this our members have been able to contribute to some of the most outstanding developments in mechanical engineering.


Chamber International are a Chamber of Commerce international division operating from offices in Bradford and London. We serve over 3,000 businesses trading internationally and provide support services to Chambers of Commerce. Chamber International supports businesses of all sizes throughout the UK and can help your business develop its overseas presence and begin (or increase) international trading, get help making connections, negotiating policy issues and legislation, and make your voice heard to high-level policy makers, both locally and internationally.

Our expertise in international trade is unmatched. We like to think it’s more than just knowledge, we really care.


Minerals Matter is uniting the sector to work together to tackle the issues identified by industry, recruiting talented people from a diverse population will drive innovation, increase social mobility, and help dispel the myths, the sector will proudly compete shoulder to shoulder with household brand names for talent.


The Minerals Matter name and brand was born out of a recognition that the sector should unite under one brand.


Through consultation with a range of schools, a diverse group of pupils from KS3 and KS4 worked to shape the brand into what you see today.


Four strategic pillars of work are chaired by a volunteer from industry


To drive their work and support the pillar activity, a careers manager and a standards manager were recruited, these key roles will work to deliver the actions in each pillar area.

Minerals Matter will build a network of strategic partners to help promote the industry, develop education routes, quality training providers, high quality apprenticeships, stretching standards as well as technical education.




The South African Institute of Materials Handling (SAIMH) provides advise, training and professional services in the complete sphere of materials handling.

The SAIMH is a non-profit organisation which was formed in 1974 to promote the advancement of technology in fields such as bulk and unit handling, stacking and storage, transport and shipping and waste recycling. The SAIMH also offers technical support and training to Technicon and University students, in the form of assistance with projects and research.

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