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Associate Members


Please find below our associate members:

An Associate Member is defined by virtue of them being a qualifying stakeholder who operates an inherent capital infrastructure facility that processes or handles bulk solid materials.

Associate Members of the Association have authorised use of the MHEA Associate Member logo. They join a professionally diverse network that also provides access to a wealth of business-enhancing resources; industry-level promotion; networking opportunities; representation at events and conferences; knowledge sharing and best practice; education and professional development.

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Lynemouth Power Limited (LPL) is a flagship site for renewable energy in the UK. Following its conversion from fossil fuel to 100% biomass electricity production, the power station generates 420MW of clean energy, powering 450,000 homes and saving approximately 1.5m of CO2 per annum compared to coal. LPL is also a key employer in the North East of England, making a significant contribution to the regional economy by supporting hundreds of jobs through strong partnerships and global supply chain networks. The plant plays an essential role in the Government’s ambitions on climate change, carbon reduction and net zero targets. 

As the UK’s leading independent supplier of Power Station Ash products, PML is at the forefront of exciting developments that are transforming the energy industry. Owned by power giant EP Power Minerals GmbH, PML sits at the centre of an international and UK-wide network that expertly guides quality ash supplies to major projects across the construction, housing and infrastructure sectors. From developing new technologies that improve sustainability to creating a reliable supply chain, innovation and investment are at the heart of PML’s vision

The Bristol Port Company was formed in 1991 when entrepreneurs Terence Mordaunt and Sir David Ord purchased the Port of Bristol from Bristol City Council. Since privatisation, the company has invested over £600 million to create a modern, thriving business offering the full range of shipping, distribution and logistics services. Bristol Port remains a privately owned independent business with an estate of over 2, 600 acres providing employment for over 12,000 people.


Based in the South West of the UK, Bristol Port is the UK’s only deep water port to have direct motorway and rail connections to all points of the compass.  The ability to handle vessels up to 130,000dwt, its extensive craneage, warehousing and storage facilities and location close to the heart of the UK with 43 million people within a 250km radius, make it a highly capable distribution location. Moreover, Bristol Port is a key national asset and a major economic driver for the South West region; the Company and businesses on the Port Estate contribute more than £1 billion to UK GDP. With ongoing plans to invest in the future to accommodate the largest new container vessels and working in partnership with both employees and the UNITE trade union, Bristol Port’s place in the global shipping community is assured.

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