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Cleveland Cascades Ltd

Cleveland Cascades Ltd

Global leader in bespoke dry bulk loading chutes


Cleveland Cascades is a specialist in the design and manufacture of bespoke dry bulk loading chutes. Based in the North East of England, we have built a population of over 750 systems, working in bulk handling facilities worldwide.


We are best known for our Cascade controlled flow technology chute, which uses a series of inclined cones, inside a retractable cover, to control dust pollution at source, while at the same time minimising both material degradation and segregation. This technology has established the company as a leading global force in ship and silo loading chutes.


Our range of Free Fall chutes, complement the Cascade and have applications in tanker loading, vehicle loading as well as ship & silo loading.


We have developed a worldwide reputation for quality, well-engineered, robust, high performance chutes, backed up by excellent customer service and global lifetime product support.





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