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Fike UK Ltd

Fike UK Ltd

The majority of organic materials which are processed can produce dusts which are explosive under the right conditions and the results of primary or secondary explosions can have devastating effects to both personnel and to a plant.


Likewise, any activity which transports or processes product within an enclosed system has the potential to suffer from potentially catastrophic over-pressure or vacuum conditions and can result in the same devastating consequences.


Fike designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of pressure relief devices and explosion protection products such as bursting discs (standard and bespoke flange mounted and engineered bursting discs), explosion vents, flameless venting devices as well as explosion suppression, explosion isolation and detection systems.


The variety of explosion prevention and protection equipment and services we offer, enables us to protect a complete process or a single pressure relief valve, and allows our customers to create cost effective protection systems which are tailored to their precise needs.



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