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Mining Machinery Developments (MMD)

Mining Machinery Developments (MMD)

A privately owned group established in 1978 by Alan Potts ably assisted by a small nucleus of committed individuals, MMD is now a worldwide organisation with sales and servicing facilities on six continents. MMD are designers and manufacturers of material processing equipment used in many types of surface and underground mining operations the world over. In particular the company has extended the technology of mineral reduction by the development of low profile, high capacity sizing machines. MMD’s philosophy can be summarised in these seven words: Precision, Performance, Progress, Price, Partnership, Position and Persistence. PRECISION in design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning. The project management and quality control systems of MMD Mining Machinery Developments Ltd have been assessed and approved by Lloyds Quality Assurance Limited against the following Quality Assurance standards:- BS 5750 Part 1: ISO 9001 –1987 : EN29001-1987 Precision in sizing output is made possible by the unique sizing action and tooth configurations. PERFORMANCE of both the company and its products are the cornerstones of MMD’s success. The performance of the MMD Twin Shaft Sizer, with its ability to process wet sticky material or hard dry rock or a combination of both, has proved to be the ideal sizing solution on numerous materials. The new generation of larger machines are capable of handling sizes up to 3 metre cube, with capacities in excess of 10,000 TPH. This is supported by a company totally committed to providing its customers with the highest quality in service and standards, where at all times, their interests are at the forefront of our considerations and decision making. PROGRESS, both in terms of product and market development and the utilisation of the latest technologies. The initial design parameters were that the machine must be capable of very high production rates within compact dimensions and requiring minimum power and maintenance costs. The unique action of the MMD Sizer enabled the development of a low profile, high capacity and balanced machine. It is ideally suited to mobile and semi-mobile applications and in static installations significant savings can be achieved due to the compact dimensions.


The range of MMD Mineral Sizers has progressed from a 500 series machine through to the 1500 series, whilst the range of materials being processed has progressed through coal, clay, kimberlite, limestone and metallurgic ores. Progress into industries such as cement, ceramics, construction, diamond, energy, industrial minerals, metalliferous mining, precious metals, re-cycling and steel has led to the handling of materials such as coke, clinker, concrete tiles, trona (soda ash), armoured glass, reject windscreens and tyres being added the ever increasing list of materials being processed by MMD machines. Progress through investment in people and technology. At all levels employees are encouraged to develop their capabilities to benefit themselves and their company. The introduction of new technology into the work place has seen word processors, spread sheets, data bases, CAD drawing, electronic communications and computer software design facilities assisting the experience of our designers and engineers. PRICE is kept to a minimum due to there not being any outside shareholders requiring dividends. Components are sourced from sub-contractors ranging in size from small independent companies operating under the MMD quality “umbrella” to large companies specialising in their particular field, but in all cases quality and price are paramount.


PARTNERSHIP with our customers in finding solutions to shared problems. At MMD we care for our customers and over the years have created a very special relationship with many of them resulting in long lasting and mutually rewarding undertakings on numerous projects. Partnership with universities and leading computer and software houses to remain at the cutting edge of technology. Partnership with suppliers, by utilising the resources and expertise of the world’s specialists, to meet the needs of both MMD and its customers in order to offer the best service possible. POSITION geographically, MMD is strategically placed to meet the needs of the worlds mineral extractive industries. The MMD group includes companies in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia, India, Canada, Thailand, China and South Africa. An MMD company can be reached by phone, fax internet or CAD modem link across the time zones and throughout the world. PERSISTENCE has taken MMD from its modest beginnings to being arguably the world leader in mineral sizing technology. Persistence in identifying and finding solutions to problems. Persistence in the continuous improvement and development of both existing and new products, as identified by the changing scene of mining operations and in particular our customers. The group has remained constantly profitable since its first year of operation and being a privately owned organisation, has been able to undertake long term investments into new equipment concepts without being influenced by the short term demands of outside shareholders interests.


Each company has a separate Board of Directors or Officers to manage the running of the company, but resources are extensively shared wherever it is economically advantageous. The organisation reaffirms its commitment to respond to environmental issues surrounding the industry, and prides itself as being the leader in technological advancements which support sustainable and environmentally friendly mining methods.

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