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John King Chains Ltd

John King Chains Ltd

Founded in 1926, the John King Group is a fifth-generation family-owned UK material handling turnkey solution provider: Whether you are designing new equipment, replacing consumables or repairing damaged parts, our team will be able to offer the service and technical support required for optimum chain selection whilst maintaining best commercial advantage.

The John King Group continues to enjoy unrivalled success and expansion; with operations in five locations around the globe and customers in more than 70 countries. The business has benefited from decades of continuous research, development and investment, key to which is its two UK manufacturing facilities.

The 2021 acquisition of Precision Chains further strengthened the John King Group, with over 60 years industry expertise in the manufacture of conveyor chains. Representing technical excellence with unrivalled worldwide customer support and are proud to be the only UK manufacturer of British Standard chains. Precision Chains operate in multiple industries with prestigious home region clients such as London Underground to regional facilities in Malaysia to further support SE Asia.


Offering the widest range of conveyor chains, making us unique in being able to offer an infinite number of chain types in a variety of materials and constructions for a multiplicity of industrial mechanical handling applications. A key part of our continuous research examination of process requirements, includes optimum materials selection, heat treatment and the implementation of best techniques in production.

Sprockets and Shafts

Providing in house sprocket and shaft production with sprockets up to 3 metres in diameter. Sprockets are available in cast and fabricated styles with split, segmental or solid construction. Where appropriate tooth forms can be hardened. Where applicable matched shafts can be supplied with High strength.

Heat Resistant Castings

Since 1926 John King have been manufacturing cast chains for the materials handling industry. Today we offer a range of high-quality heat resistant Nickel and Chromium (Ni/Cr) castings, mainly for use in steam raising power plants.

High Manganese V Groove Wear Rail

In its rolled condition we fix a hardness value of 200-220 Bnh which allows the material to be formed for example in the case of conveyor bends. The unique materials work hardening properties allows for increases in hardness to over 550Bnh when the right working conditions prevail. Single V Groove is the stock standard. Once hard, creating an optimum chain running medium for the most aggressive applications.

Flowmaster Conveyors

Also described as ‘en masse’ conveying, due to the unique method of conveying bulk materials cleanly, gently and economically. Material is introduced into a sealed conveyor casing, horizontally, on an incline or vertically or a combination of the three.

  • Competitively priced – Compared to other forms of handling systems allowing for quicker pay back periods.
  • Power Consumption – Significantly lower as compared to other forms of handling equipment for example the system can be as low as 1/10 of dense phase conveying.
  • Low-cost maintenance – Heavy duty rigid conveyor sections in simple modules, high strength forged conveyor chain, choke detection, overload and under-speed switches and high performance wear rails combine to ensure easy maintenance at infrequent intervals.
  • Labour Saving – Manual to fully automatic control of individual or multiple machines systems provided by proven and user friendly control systems.
  • Environmentally friendly – Totally enclosed machines and transfer points with dust tight and weather proof construction.
  • Health and Safety – Safety assured with all moving parts fully enclosed and inaccessible. Explosion vent panels ATEX approved (94/9/CE) as required.
  • Versatility – Unique features of the Flowmaster equipment offers best versatility in considering plant layout and adaptability in handling virtually all varieties of dry bulk materials.
  • Gentle handling – Material is moved ‘en masse’ as a solid, uniform and placid column with the chain skeletal form ensures degradation of vulnerable products is virtually eliminated. Chain flight design allows the material column to change direction through bends without degradation.


Laser cutting and Fabrication

State of the art machinery with both Fiber and Co2 technology as well as plasma profiling and oxyacetylene. Where the ability to offer “one stop shop” is well received by all our customers across a range of industries. Manufacturing capabilities include press-braking, fully automated and manual welding, full range of machining capacity including CNC turning milling and drilling.

Site Services

Recognised worldwide for reliability and extended service life. Employing us to install, service and maintain your equipment ensures it always meets optimum performance, safety and maximum operational efficiency.

Service agreements tailored to your needs: Inspections, maintenance supervision, scheduled, preventive maintenance, condition-based, predictive maintenance, repairs & corrective maintenance and breakdown cover.


John King, working alongside an established lubricants manufacturer, has developed an industry specific range of greases and oils , specifically developed where lubrication is appropriate to compliment the John King Chains product range. All operational environments are covered: temperature, pressure, speed, abrasive, wet, contaminated or combination of all of the above.

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