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Schenck Process UK Ltd

Schenck Process UK Ltd

Schenck Process UK is part of the Global Schenck Process Group with UK headquarters located in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.


As Industry Leaders, our solutions cover all types of pneumatic conveying. We have a comprehensive portfolio of intelligent and energy-efficient solutions and designs. Our products meet the unique challenges of all major Industry applications including process optimisation, environmental sustainability, cost savings, and the flexibility to integrate with existing and emerging technologies.  Naturally, we also offer Pneumatic Injection technology and a comprehensive aftercare service and spares portfolio, too.


Doncaster is also home to our extensive world-class test facility. Our customers are invited to supply materials that can be tested using a full range of pneumatic technologies to select the optimum solution for your application. Most site conditions can be accurately replicated using full-size systems, including transfer distances up to 500m.


We also offer condition monitoring in real-time to enable optimization of your processes. CONiQ Cloud includes an easy-to-use web dashboard that brings KPIs directly to your laptop or mobile. The smart digital service detects deviations from normal operation. Combined with the latest machine learning technologies and deep machine and process knowledge, allows for frequent re-optimisation by our customers or experts.


The ProDV Dome Valves, part of our Clyde Process range – are proudly the original and most reliant.  As the first Dome Valve launched to the market, its success and reputation have evolved into becoming a critical part of an overall production process.


We also offer the Schenck Process Rail Sanding product range, the leading UK-designed sand filling system supported with a PTS-qualified service and commissioning team to ensure the optimum performance of the installation.


For more information about our extensive products and solutions please look at our brochure below.

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