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Hoverdale UK Ltd

Solid wins for Hoverdale at the 2024 SHAPA Awards

  Hoverdale UK Limited, a global provider of conveyor system equipment and on-site plant engineering services, won multiple awards at the 2024 Solids Handling & Processing Association (SHAPA) Awards.            

The 2024 SHAPA Awards took place at the Merseyside Maritime Museum, where member companies and industry professionals celebrated the collective merits achieved over the last 12 months.


Hoverdale received two awards for Company of the Year and Innovation in Technology, plus runner-up awards in the Apprentices Special Award category for employees Harry Beverley & Ben Tilson.


Hoverdale identified a market need for a ‘conveyor system condition monitoring tool’ and developed the industry-leading, multi-award-winning, technology called the HALO – Hoverdale Automated Linked Technology. The HALO was so successful in its application that the Hoverdale team continued to innovate and develop the technology for use with their latest engineered product, the Hoverdale motorised brush conveyor belt cleaner and advanced the HALO technology for clients operating MRF/ERF sites to use on conveyor belts.

Initially, the motorised brush cleaner was designed and engineered to clean chevron and cleated belts that conventional contact belt scrapers could not clean effectively, however, it soon became apparent that the system was also very effective in all types of conveyor belts. The brush system prevents carryback and spillage from flat, chevron, cleated, pocketed, flighted and bucket conveyor belts.Matthew Beverley, Hoverdale Chairman, said:


“We are delighted to be recognised at the SHAPA Awards for Company of the Year and Innovation in Technology for our motorised brush technology – the HALO. We receive these as a total team effort.


We are extremely grateful to have such a robust team of engineers who work hard to deliver our core products and services across the bulk materials-handling industry .”


SHAPA is the UK’s leading specialist Association for the Solids Handling and Processing Industry. Formed in 1981, The Association provides a sound commercial and technical platform for all its members, helping them to succeed in today’s challenging economic climate.


Hoverdale’s conveyor belt cleaning and scraping products and motorised brush cleaning technology have quickly grown the business over 2-3 years. The company continues to invest in its people and procedures to boost its order book, strengthen its commercial offering, and maintain its position as a market leader in the optimisation of bulk material handling.


They work with some of the most prominent industrial names, including Lafarge Tarmac, Biffa, Aggregate Industries & Tata Steel.



About Hoverdale UK Limited – 50 years in the making.


Hoverdale manufactures 28 different types of conveyor belt cleaners and scrapers in the UK, providing the right product for every job. We offer our own range of conveyor system products to do the job perfectly each time.


With a company history that goes back to 1972, Hoverdale has a unique combination of experience and engineering know-how that we can guarantee you won’t find anywhere else.


More recently, the company has continued to expand overseas, developed its approved supplier portfolio to include some of the most prominent industrial names in the UK, and continues to supply products, services, consultancy, and expertise worldwide.


Matthew Beverley – Chairman and owner of Hoverdale UK Limited, is also Vice President of MHEA (Material Handling Engineering Association).







Tel: +44 (0)2475 099836


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