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RJM International

RJM International

RJM International is a specialist, award-winning provider of a range of innovative and technologically-sophisticated products and services aimed at supporting the power and industrial plant sectors as they transition to low-to-zero carbon.


Working with some of the world’s leading utility supply companies, owners of other large combustion plant such as power plants, refineries and steelworks, RJM helps them to operate as efficiently and as cost-effectively as possible, whilst also enabling them to meet the latest emissions regulations governing SOx, NOx, particulates and carbon.


No matter what the fuel, the combustion technology or the size of the plant, RJM will develop a tailor-made solution that will meet the plant’s objectives.


RJM has over 60,000 MWe of global references where it has successfully helped plants achieve their combustion improvement and emissions reduction objectives. These have included increasing plant flexibility and reliability whilst changing fuel sources from one quality to another, or from one type to another, such as from coal to gas or co-firing with biomass, or full conversion to an alternative fuel.


In recent years, RJM has begun working closely with dedicated biomass sites and Energy from Waste sites, enabling these plants to operate more efficiently, more reliably and with emissions levels that meet latest legislation. Fuels include biomass material, forestry thinnings, waste wood, Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF), black bag waste and hazardous waste streams.



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