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ProSpare launch new range of conveyor components

ProSpare Ltd has launched a unique range of problem solving conveyor components which are proven to make belt conveyors more efficient.

Tried and tested throughout Europe, ProSpare’s new range solves common problems such as dust leakage, product spillage and premature belt wear. This range of easy to maintain components increase conveyor safety, effectiveness and efficiency, whilst reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

SPILL-EX Conveyor Skirt Sealing System

Eliminate spillage and dust at transfer & loading points via this quick and easy to maintain sealing block system. Individually adjustable rubber blocks match belt contours for a better, more effective sealing. Specially formulated Tega rubber blocks offer long life performance.

CERASKIRT Loading Point Wear Liner

Ceraskirt is a lining system specifically developed for loading points. Extremely hard wearing ceramic tiles mounted in an elastic rubber matrix offer highest levels of wear protection against abrasive or high volume materials to protect conveyor sealing systems for a “fit & forget” approach to prevent premature failure.

FRIFLO Impact Bars & Cradles

Positioned under the belt at transfer & loading points, FRIFLO absorbs the fall impact of material to protect belts from damage whilst also improving performance of conveyor sealing systems to minimise spillage and dust. The FRIFLO cradle’s specifically designed install system allows for individual bar replacement with minimal downtime and belt interference.

CENTRAX Belt Tracking System

Correct belt misalignment automatically and quickly whatever the cause of the problem with these cleverly designed belt tracking rollers to prevent conveyor wear and damage. CENTRAX is available for the carrying and return sides of standard and reversible belts.

All components are suitable for retrofit to existing belt conveyors. More information on ProSpare’s new range of conveyor components can be found on their website.


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