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Buy both the Recommended Practice for Trough Belt Conveyors and the Guide to the design of Transfer Chutes & Chute Linings.
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 Recommended Practice for Trough Belt Conveyors

Editions spanning over half a century have established ‘Recommended Practice for Troughed Belt Conveyors’ as the definitive reference work, internationally for all involved in the mechanical handling of loose bulk materials : designers, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, plant operators, maintenance engineers and students alike.

This edition benefits from the pooled knowledge and experience of the Technical Committee of the MHEA and was completely re-written by 2 eminent mechanical handling engineers, both at the peak of their professional experience and made it more of a text book, properly deriving and explaining their arguments while retaining those familiar qualities that make it so sought after as a work of reference.

Guide to the design of Transfer Chutes & Chute Linings.

The Materials Handling Engineers Association manual ‘Recommended Practice for Troughed Belt Conveyors’ has been established for many years as an internationally recognised reference work covering the art of handling loose bulk materials on belt conveyor systems. This companion study examines in greater detail the requirement for chutes and their linings as a means of transfer for loose bulk between the individual belt conveyor flights within a system of belt conveyors.

The cliché that ‘there is no substitute for experience’ is very applicable to these manuals and is hoped that these 2 publications will provide some of the background information against which the designer will enhance his understanding of the subject by critical examination of existing installations.


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